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The aim of this group is the advancement of research, collection, preservation and promotion of evidence of the history of West Watford and its wider environs and the education of the public in that history. 

Here you will find the results of our research, along with photos old and new. 

We would be delighted to receive your comments, suggestions and feedback and if you have any questions related to West Watford, we will endeavour to answer them. We would also love to hear from anyone with particular memories of West Watford. Please see email address below.


Unfortunately, due to falling membership, we do not currently hold regular meetings, however, we are still an active group so please check back with the Events Page for any upcoming news.

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The contents of our website are not intended to be copied and used for profit by individuals. However, the contents may be used for educational or non-profit local interest purposes. In such circumstances, however, we request you seek permission before publishing using the email address above and make authorship of research known and likewise give credit to owners of photographs. Where names are not given with photographs or articles, the copyright lies with West Watford History Group.

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