Monday 8 May 2023

Domenic's Cafe

Closure of Domenic's Cafe, Vicarage Roa

Photo courtesy of Stephen Danzig

A family run cafe has sadly closed at the end of January 2023 after 40 years in Vicarage Road.

Frank Blasi, who worked at the family-run business for 25 years, told the Watford Observer: “It’s a decision we’ve made as a family to explore other avenues.

Although the economic climate has been tough, it had no bearing on the decision, Frank added.

His dad Domenic, who opened the business in 1983, still chips in aged 80, while Frank’s sisters Luisa and Rita also work there too.

“It allows my parents now to just relax, especially my mum, because my mum (Nicky) works here as well. It’s purely from a family point of view.”

The decision to close sparked a wave of touching customer responses, which Frank described as “incredible and humbling”.

“Everyone’s got a little story and a memory which is nice,” he added. “For me it’s just going to work really, and I just didn’t realise how we’ve affected so many people over the years.

“But everyone’s saying ‘it’s the end of an era’, ‘don’t know what we’re going to do’, especially the Watford match day fans who come in as it’s been their place to go to.

“Some have even said to me that they enjoy coming to us more than going to the football!”

Many messages of sadness, but also good wishes were posted from customers.

Report courtesy of The Watford Observer

Photographs in the Gallery courtesy of Stephen Danzig

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