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West Watford History Group

History of West Watford and environs

The Watford Mosque

Cambridge Road

In Watford in the 1950’s and 1960’s there was an influx of immigrants, many from Muslim backgrounds and there was very much a lack of places to worship, with many people praying at people’s houses, in halls and anywhere the Council would temporarily house juma prayers. As numbers increased, it was clear a permanent solution was needed and a campaign of fundraising was begun by many of the older generation and land was made available in Cambridge Road.

By 1978, enough money had been saved by the community to buy a house in Queen’s Road, which was converted into a Masjid, but the noise from early morning and late night prayers disturbed the neighbours and the association was forced to look for alternative premises.  Work hence commenced on the Cambridge Road site.

The Watford Central Masjid building was begun in March 1983 and after many years of hard work by the Muslim community in Watford to raise money, was opened for the first prayers on April 25th 1985. The cost was approximately £350,000 for the land, building the masjid and buying a house in Vicarage Road for the Imam. The carpet, which is the same as the Regent’s Park Masjid in London, was donated by an Arab Sheikh. Six hundred Muslims gathered for the great day.

Since 1983, various extension work has been done to accommodate the growing number of worshippers, with a substantial extension made in 1992-93, but in 2000, it was decided the central Masjid’s resources were being stretched and were unable to service the whole of the Muslim community residing in Watford. Therefore, after years of struggling, a new Masjid was built in North Watford in 2000.


For much more information please use the link:  http://www.watfordmosque.org.uk/